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I honestly can't remember when I snapped my first photo or what camera it was. But I think I may have progressed a little since then.

I'm a freelance photographer and educator. I was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and this is where I have been living most of my life. I have dabbled in art and music but photography has always been a passion that's never strayed all these years.


My love for travelling means it's only natural for me to lug my camera around everywhere I go. I try to see beyond what is in front of our eyes. I try to see within the person I'm photographing or try to engage in a unique way with the scene I'm viewing.


There's a story to be captured or told with every image. That's what I try to do.


Azul Adnan

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My Works

  • My photos have appeared in magazines such as Lonely Planet, Digital Camera and Mabuhay (Philippine Airlines).
  • My images have been used in corporate annual reports (e.g. Bursa Malaysia, MIRA) and product collaterals.
  • My event photos have appeared in The Star, New Straits Times and other newspapers.
  • My photos have also appeared on websites such as National Geographic and Afar.com.
  • Together with three friends, our photos were exhibited as an installation in the National Visual Arts Gallery.
  • I've been a speaker for several years at the Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival, an annual photography expo.
  • I was a contributing writer/photographer for Advanced Images photography magazine.